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Accounting Excellence winners Makesworth AccountingWEB Makesworth: Providing first-class client service
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Makesworth: Providing first-class client service


Sanjay Sah from Makesworth Accountants, the winner of the 2023 Accounting Excellence Client Service Award for Small Firms, outlines the importance of providing exceptional client care. 

19th Feb 2024
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From having a client satisfaction officer to adopting new communication processes, Makesworth has cemented its reputation for delivering outstanding client services.

Sanjay Sah, the managing director, founded Makesworth Accountants in 2012 with a commitment to offer attentive and personalised services to clients. 

Their dedication to fostering a client-centric culture, characterised by transparent communication channels, a focus on prioritising client needs and the establishment of clear performance goals led to Makesworth’s success at last year’s Accounting Excellence Awards (above).

There will be an Accounting Excellence summit at the Festival of Accounting & Bookkeeping (FAB), which will include an opportunity to meet the judges and gain insights into what they’re looking for in this year’s winners.

Client service is also one of the big topics at FAB so if you’re interested in Makesworth’s success, there will be plenty of sessions dedicated to enhancing your client relationships. 

Proactive communication 

Proactive communication lies at the core of Makesworth, with Sah and the team ensuring that clients are at the centre of everything they do. They pride themselves on their transparent and effective communication, which they achieve through having a client satisfaction officer. 

“Our client satisfaction officer regularly checks in with clients and this helps us gauge their satisfaction levels as well as being able to address any emerging issues promptly,” said Sah.

Alongside this, Makesworth also conducts client satisfaction surveys periodically to “gather feedback and identify areas for improvement”.

Sah explained that this helps measure the success of their client care approach and allows them to continue meeting clients’ evolving needs. By actively listening to feedback, the team at Makesworth are responsive and proactive in addressing any concerns. 

“Our team is trained to actively listen to client concerns, and address them before they fester into negative attributes,” he said.

Sah emphasised the importance of having an “ongoing dialogue” and said, “Regularly updating clients on progress, reminders of deadlines, and upcoming tasks create a sense of transparency, involvement and boundaries.”

A multi-faceted strategy 

To successfully achieve a client-centric culture, Makesworth employs a multi-faceted approach that helps them meet clients’ specific needs and identify any improvements, maximising the effectiveness of their practice strategy. 

“A must-have quality in today’s accountants is maintaining robust, clear and timely communication with clients. In our practice, we employ a multi-faceted strategy that includes regular status updates, personalised check-ins and prompt responses to client queries,” said Sah. 

This focus on personalisation is key for the team to build strong relationships and understand clients’ needs and expectations. Sah said that tailoring their communication style for each client, “minimises the chances of miscommunication and misunderstanding between the clients and the team and creates an environment for long-lasting client-firm relationships”.

But there’s more to their multifaceted approach as Sah also explained that they are continuously investing in technology to increase efficiency and ensure quicker response times.

He said, “We leverage technology to streamline communication processes. This includes client portals for real-time updates, data exchange and communication of queries, and regular virtual or in-person meetings per client preferences.”

Adopting new technologies and processes not only fosters a culture of innovation and continuous improvement but is also essential for delivering exceptional client care.

Don’t forget the importance of offboarding 

Makesworth’s excellent client service helps retain as well as gain clients through recommendations, but Sah explained that it’s important to acknowledge that some clients “are not meant to be with you for various reasons and you need to be quite open-minded about it”.

As crucial as delivering outstanding service to clients, ensuring a seamless offboarding process is equally important for Sah and his team in fostering a client-centric culture. 

“We perform a thorough internal review to identify any potential issues or concerns that might have led to the client’s decision. This involves evaluating communication logs, service timelines and feedback received during the course of our engagement,” Sah said. 

They continue receiving constructive feedback until the very end of the business relationship to “understand their experience and the reasons behind their decisions,” Sah continued. “This not only provides valuable insights for addressing immediate concerns but also helps in fostering a positive impression.”

The feedback received is used to refine internal processes and enhance service delivery for future clients, perpetuating a cycle of improvement and client satisfaction throughout the firm. 

You can hear more about Makesworth’s success at the Festival of Accounting & Bookkeeping at the NEC, Birmingham on 13 and 14 March. Book your FREE ticket and find out how you could be a winner at the next Accounting Excellence Awards. 

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