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Heather Townsend

Meet AccountingWEB Expo speakers: Heather Townsend


In our Q&A series, we talk to Accountants Millionaires’ Club’s Heather Townsend about what’s she’s looking forward to at AccountingWEB Live Expo, her questions for HMRC plus what she’s missed about live events.

11th Oct 2021
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Heather Townsend is the founder of The Accountants Millionaires’ Club and she’s the author of six books, including The Go-To Expert, and Profitable Pricing For Accountants

The Club has over 50 members and helps its members grow their practice, the low stress way. Heather’s advice will give you the confidence to take action, provide a sounding board to make the right decisions promptly and believe in what you are doing with your firm.

Heather is a leading global expert in what it takes to move from senior fee earner to partner – and when you get there, stay there. She regularly runs programmes to help fee earners take the step up to partner, and establish themselves as a new partner, for mid-tier law, accountancy and consultancy firms. Her latest venture How To Make Partner is the perfect starting point for anyone looking to step up their career - fast.

Heather’s successful Refocus, Replan, Rebuild AccountingWEB Live show covered practice strategy and the shift to online advisory with her trademark mix of optimism, smarts and pragmatic advice. 

Heather will be appearing on various panels at AccountingWEB Live Expo. Register for the Expo now and keep an eye for the full conference programme from 4th October. 

Which stands/booths will you be visiting first and why?

I'll be heading to catch up with the folks from Fluidly to see what is their latest development but also the folks at PracticeWeb. I love the insight which comes from both these companies.

What AccountingWEB Live Expo sessions are you looking forward to attending? What speakers do you want to see?

MTD over the next three-five years means a large amount of change for all accountants and especially our club members. 

I am keen to hear as much as possible from HMRC, tax experts such as Rebecca Benneyworth and accountancy firm owners on how they are going to help prepare their clients for the changes and what software will be there to help smooth the transitions. That way I can help steer our members on how to change their workflows and practices to be ready for MTD for income and corporation tax.

Lockdown meant we all skipped a buying season. What are you shopping for at AccountingWEB Live Expo?

I'm always looking to connect with the vendors that our members love and rate. For me, it's a great opportunity to renew relationships with awesome suppliers such as Practice Ignition, Karbon, Clarity, Float and Chaser HQ. 

MTD is a big topic for pretty much every AccountingWEB Live Expo theatre. What do you think accounting needs to be better prepared for MTD in 2022?

The big change that accountants need their clients to make is to keep their accounting records digitally and accurately. No more entering receipts and invoices in after year-end has occurred. Thankfully the Go Live date for MTD for sole traders income tax has been delayed for a year. 

In my view, accountants shouldn't relax and forget about MTD for another 12 months, but use this window to organise changes of the year ends for sole traders and partnerships, and start the education with their clients of what is required from them.

We will be announcing the shortlists for our Software Awards on the evening of day one. Which vendor would win your own personal software award and why?

Our members really love Dext Precision. It is the software that when they realise the power of it, they do not want to do without.

HMRC will be in attendance at AccountingWEB Live Expo. What one question will you be asking them?

I want to know what is happening with the proposed changes to the basis periods for partnership and sole traders. Plus whether they will help, in particular, the partnerships who may find themselves with almost two years of tax bills when they switch over to the new MTD regime for income tax.

What do you think will be the buzzword of AccountingWEB Live Expo?

No idea! But I suspect many accountants attending will be talking about their energy levels and whether they have managed to recover them post the wave of work from the pandemic.

Why should someone attend a panel with you on it?

Straight-talking, insightful, pragmatic advice that is based on the experiences of accountants just like them.


Heather will be speaking at AccountingWEB Live Expo on 1-2 December 2021 alongside such guests as Rebecca Benneyworth, Peter Rayney, Lucy Cohen, Anita Monteith, Carl Reader, Steve Collings, Reza Hooda, Alastair Barlow plus representatives from HMRC. AccountingWEB Live Expo takes place on 1-2 December 2021 at Coventry Building Society Arena, Coventry.

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