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No Accounting for Taste ep48: Should you ever talk politics with clients?

5th Sep 2019
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The tumultuous times we're experiencing present a particular dilemma for accountants: if they see that a client's business may be affected by Brexit do they advise them accordingly and risk alienating and potentially losing them, or keep their head down and avoid potential confrontation?

Tackling this noodle-scratcher with AccountingWEB editor Tom Herbert this week are Nigel Harris, partner at south west firm Burton Sweet and Della Hudson, author of best-selling business book 'The Numbers Business' and former practice owner.

After talking politics the panel moved on to the more proasic matter of the VAT reverse charge for construction services. With MTD, a Brexit-based downturn and now the reverse charge hitting the sector in quick succession, how should accountants be advising their construction clients?

The pod also found time to debate institute explusions for late payment of fees and how to cope with the loss of a client.

Here are links to the stories discussed in this week’s pod.

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07th Sep 2019 17:06

If its to educate them of the catastrophe of "no deal" BREXIT, then definitely!
If its to educate them of the value of the EU for a People's Vote, then definitely!!

There comes a time to stand up and be counted, or become an actuary....

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By iosman001
05th Jun 2020 16:30

The article includes a bit of an assumption that the QR code will contain a URL that will direct you to a specific site. I'm very interested in your idea of including one on a business card that contains your Vcard, so you could immediately capture the holder's details into your contact book.

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