Practice Excellence: Go big, but stay focused

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Throughout its rapid ascent, BKL’s key to success has been retaining the granular focus of a smaller practice, said Myfanwy Neville, head of property and real estate at BKL.

For a large practice, BKL retains a familiar cast of characters. Neville has been at the firm for 16 years, and almost half of BKL’s clientele have been with them for a decade. This consistency was one of the deciding factors that clinched BKL’s victory in the ‘Large Practice of the Year’ at last year’s Practice Excellence Awards.

BKL has seemingly retained the spirit of a small practice, especially when it comes to client service. One of their novel features is a dedicated team of tax experts. These individuals do nothing but tax consultancy.

The team is populated by experts in all kinds of facets of taxation. From the abstruse to the mainstream, BKL’s clients have direct access to a glossary of expertise. Compliance is streamlined, done accurately and efficiently, but BKL finds its niche in this specialised network of tax consultants, explained Neville.

The consultancy team enables BKL to effectively serve high net worth clients that frequently have complex affairs. These tax consultants also help other accountants who may be unsure of how to deal with a difficult tax query.

“Many firms dabble in certain fields, but never...

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