Practice management: How to go deeper

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Many years ago I spent many happy hours laying naked with Mark Lloydbottom. But no, it’s not what you think...explains Steve Pipe.

You see, I wasn’t actually with Mark at the time. Instead I was laying in the bath listening to his superb practice development audio programmes (back in the days when they were still on audio cassette). They taught me an enormous amount.

So when Mark, the father of practice management in the UK, told me he had written a new book drawing together the key lessons from a lifetime of studying success in the profession, I was excited. And now I have read it, I am not disappointed.

It’s called “Deeper”, and is not really a book. In fact it is so much more than that, since it includes a 250-page workbook, a three-part audio CD set and lots of other goodies.

I haven’t listened to all the CDs yet (there haven’t been enough bathtimes!) But the ones I have listened to feature Mark explaining, and adding extra insights to, the key themes in each chapter of the book. And that makes it really useful if you, like me, prefer to learn while travelling or commuting.

The book itself is divided into two sections

In the first 140 pages...

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About Steve Pipe

Steve pipe

Steve is an FCA who is passionate about the profession. Often described as one of the world's leading strategists for the accounting profession, he has had helped hundreds of UK practices.


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13th Dec 2013 15:02

Well worth reading

I've bought a copy of this and I'm still digesting it. There is lots of really practical advice so whatever stage your business is at there will be lots to spur you on to a brighter future.

And some amazingly brilliant marketing ideas too.

Margaret Thornton



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15th Dec 2013 21:15

Thanks for bringing this to my attention.  I've enjoyed Mark's previous work, and have put in my order for this. 


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15th Dec 2013 23:37

Looking at those statistics for under £2m...

It's both depressing and inspiring how under resourced smaller practices are, how hard we work and how much we can achieve.

Even though they are taken from US practices I'm betting the UK equivalent numbers aren't too different.

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