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This is the second article in a new series looking at the profound difference accountants are making to businesses, lives and society. It reveals the services that make the greatest difference.

In the first article in the series we saw how 18 months of research for the book ‘The world’s most inspiring accountants’ found that the impact accountants are making is extraordinary in both range and scale. Apart from the medical profession, there is probably no other group making such a big difference to the lives of so many people.

This time the focus is on how accountants are making that kind of difference.

How they are doing it

The research suggests that there are four main ways that accountants are making a difference:

  1. Core services – the things that every accountant already can and must do
  2. Advanced services – the things every accountant must now be building into their plans
  3. Specialist services – the things most accountants can adopt a “just-in-time” approach with 
  4. Humanitarian services – the extra things that make life joyful and really set accountants apart

In this article we will focus on the first two types of service – since commercially they are the most important.

Core services

The core services that appear to create the greatest impact include...

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Steve Pipe is a leading researcher and co-author of the book ‘The world’s most inspiring accountants’. For more inspirational insights, you can hear Steve Pipe at Accountex 2016 on 11-12 May.

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About Steve Pipe

Steve pipe

Steve is an FCA who is passionate about the profession. Often described as one of the world's leading strategists for the accounting profession, he has had helped hundreds of UK practices.


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06th May 2016 19:31

Good article and when I ran my own Chartered Accounting practice myself I found that the best advanced service I introduced was business development.

I found this not only a rewarding job for me and something that I really enjoyed doing, but also the businesses that I helped we over the moon and became real advocates of my firm.

I am now on the other side of the fence and have been for a while since selling my accounting practice in 2003. And now I am over here as it were, the business development knowledge and experience came into good use.

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