Social media action plan for accountancy firms

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Rachael Power
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Social media is constantly referred to as the latest and greatest free and accessible marketing tool, but for some accountants, it’s uncharted territory.

Web developers PracticeWEB recently held a social media management webinar, listing tips on best practice for first-time social media firms on how to implement a social media strategy.

Based on the PracticeWEB online engagement benchmarking report, 83% of 260 firms are already using social media in some form or another, with almost 100% of them on LinkedIn.

However, marketing manager Elizabeth McMahon said what was most surprising was firms’ engagement on...

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19th Jul 2013 14:01

But why?

In short,  put lots of time and effort into social media to get results.

But what results?

As an accounting practice,  are you *really* likely to get someone coming to you following a post on the infinite monkey cage that is twitter and facebook?  Compare that to,  say,  leads being generated by satisfied clients or specifically targeted sales prospecting.

Anyone believing that LinkedIn forums have any gravitas is sorely mistaken.  In my experience they're all either dead, full of spam,  or bland enough to rival three -- no four -- bread rolls.

As regards a facebook/twitter strategy for the office;  how about blocking it at the firewall.  Job done.  Then the social media evangelists can get back to earning fees.

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