Social media strategy: All or just a bit

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Robert Lovell
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Around 53% of accountants who spend more than 10 hours a week on social media have seen a return on investment, according to a survey into online engagement in the profession.

The upcoming PracticeWEB benchmarking report reveals that the percentage dramatically drops off for those spending less than 10 hours a week – down to just 23% seeing a ROI. But interestingly, accountants who dedicated a very small amount of time, around an hour or two a week, also saw a return.

This sweet spot trend was shown across a good mix of both small and large firms, with single and multiple partners, varying specialities and turnover.

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16th Nov 2012 13:45


Isn't saying "53% of accountants who spent more than 10 hours a week using social media see a return on investment" the same as saying half of the members surveyed saw no return despite wasting more than 10 hours every week on these type of things?

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20th Nov 2012 08:18

Information Value

Majority of professionals are involved in social media in one way or another and so it makes sense for the accounting fraternity to use that forum to enlighten other professionals on the need of good accounting practices if this results to a new client for a firm or consultant then its a win win for everyone.

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07th Jan 2013 11:47

First things first!

Maybe priorities are not being set out and results in such time wastage. I think there needs to be priorities set. I find that many accountants dont have a solid website set up in the first instance so there is no point developing a social media strategy first if the foundation isn't build, unless of course you plan using Facebook as your website.


I work with BrightPay software so we are obviously interested in connecting with accountants so I research closely in this area.

We are a B 2 B business hence we focus on LinkedIn and Twitter. facebook is more for B to C.

It's all about knowing the audience!!! 





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