The crucial follow up after networking

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Mark Lee
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This is the fourth and final article in a series and outlines what you need to do after attending a networking event so as to ensure that the time you spent there was worthwhile, explains Mark Lee.

The reason that so many accountants conclude that networking is a waste of time is either due to picking the wrong events, or failing to follow up after attending each networking event. It is this latter point I will be addressing in this article. But first a quick recap.

In part one of this series I shared some ideas as to what face-to-face networking is really about. In summary, it’s about meeting people and building profitable relationships with them. It is largely futile to expect this to happen immediately you first meet.

In part two I explained what you can do before you attend an event so as to make it more enjoyable and worthwhile. A key part of this preparation was thinking about the types of people you wanted to meet what your ‘promise’ will be. This is a key part of building the relationship which is likely to be based on building the foundations of helping people to “know, like and trust” you. I stressed that your preparation should include planning what you could promise to send on afterwards to people that you meet. Something they would find useful but not overtly promotional.

And in part three I shared some tips and acronyms to ensure you do the right things while you are at networking events. One of these involves asking the people you meet for their business cards. You are defeating the purpose of networking if you don’t obtain the contact details of those interesting people you meet.

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  • The morning after the night before
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  • Connect up online
  • Follow-up more than once
  • Ensure you have an echo

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Mark Lee is consultant practice editor of AccountingWEB and writes the BookMarkLee blog to help accountants build more successful practices more enjoyably. He is also chairman of the Tax Advice Network of independent tax consultants.

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