The dos and don’ts of good customer care

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Paul Shrimpling
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Some firms ‘get’ customer care and others don’t. Paul Shrimpling offers real life examples of both and explains how it can make or break your firm.

Your customer care processes will make or break your firm. If clients aren’t happy with the service you’re providing, they will go elsewhere, so it pays to ensure they are satisfied. I’m going to illustrate my point using some real life examples – I call it the ‘Four Funerals and a Wedding’ lesson.

Below are four tales of woe about real customer care breakdowns between accountants and their clients (the funerals) and one tale of success (the wedding). They were all related to me by one business owner.

Funeral one

“The first accountancy firm were chartered and reco...

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09th Mar 2010 12:30

Free bookkeeping software

Paul...nice tip on the free bookkeeping software!  To show how powerful this one simple strategy is in the real world I have worked with a sole-trader who has launched a £400k practice in five years, starting from a small home-office using free bookkeeping software at the centre of their marketing.

My warning (based on working with unsuccessful firms who tried the same) is promising higher standards and no delivering because of a lack of investment in systems, resources, training and fundamentally a lack of commitment to delivering value. 

All marketing is a promise - not delivering makes the promise a lie which is worse that not promising.


Portfolio Marketing


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17th Mar 2010 22:35

Type to avoid

This business owner sounds like he contributes towards his own experiences with the firms he enagages and would be the type I wouldn't touch with a bargepole.

Granted he seems to have been subject to some poor service but upset that his accounts were done too quick as it gave his accountant a better day rate?  Oh dear.

I am glad that he has now found his perfect love, but fear the wedding will soon take the shape of Ashley and Cheryls once the honeymoon is over.



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