The evolution of marketing in accountancy

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Jayne Florence
Head of Recruitment
Sift Media
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In this article, managing director of Sift Talent Jayne Florence examines the evolution of marketing within accounting firms and looks at whether practitioners are becoming full-time accountants and part-time marketers.

To say the web has changed the life of an accountant would be an understatement of huge proportions.

Clearly it has done just that, but the evolution of the internet, in addition to the opportunities and challenges it has presented aren’t only limited to the day-to-day tasks through things such as the introduction of online filing or cloud computing solutions. It has also had a profound impact on attracting new customers, retaining existing clients and even in recruiting new talent.

Clients and prospects now have more knowledge and insight in regard to accounting and finance than ever before, whether its straightforward, direct online filing processes with HMRC or user friendly accounting applications for mobile devices, both of which could be considered to be examples of digital innovation that has further placed the management of accounts in the hands of the business owner and away from the accountant. 

It’s fair to say the internet has made the marketplace for accounting firms more competitive and their client less loyal. 

For example, the business owner is now better placed to know whether they’re getting a good deal, to research the services offered by other accountants and ultimately to simplify the process of changing accountants. 

Providing a quality service may remain key to the success of an accounting practice, but the evolution of the internet has made it increasingly important to have a strong brand represented via digital channels on which it must communicate its competitive differentiators.

It’s safe to say that the evolution of the web is changing the life of an accountant, but why is...

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