The £1m client service challenge: Are you up to it?

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One Lincoln based practice is on target to more than double its turnover to £1m using a selection of innovative client-centric activities. Steve Pipe shares their bright ideas.

Heard the one about the accountants trying to make an Olympic bid? In September 2007 Lincoln-based Russell Payne & Co. set itself the aim of becoming a £1m turnover firm by the time the 2012 Olympics started – a brave target since its turnover at the time was just over £400,000. Two and a half years later the firm is on track to achieve its goal, adding nearly £300,000 to its turnover so far by focusing on improving its client service and proactively offering timely recommendations and solutions to existing clients.

If you want to achieve the same sort of results, the questions you need to ask yourself are these:

  • What else could you do you do to really listen to your clients?
  • What else could you do to really understand what they need and want?
  • What else can you do to help them get what they need and want?
  • How can you improve the way you measure your firm’s service performance?

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15th Mar 2010 17:01

The full story

If you woud like a Word file containing the full text of my interview with Russell Payne that resulted in the above article (it contains a lot more detail on how he added over £300k to his fees), along with some other tools and resources to help you add similar amounts to your practice's turnover, please email me your details and I will gladly send them to you without charge.


Steve Pipe FCA

[email protected]



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By Anonymous
23rd Mar 2010 17:05

Original Text

Hi Steve, I would like to have a copy of your interview please, thanks Raj

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