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Accounting Christmas

What to buy an accountant for Christmas

7th Dec 2018
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The office Christmas tree is up, the poor-quality knitwear is on show and Frank from IT has already eaten all 24 of his advent calendar chocolates.

It’s that time of year again, and while the rest of the working world is winding down ahead of the festive break, for many of our readers the run-up to tax return season has only just begun. And the last thing they need is Aunt Doris repeatedly asking "what do you want for Christmas dear?"

But help is at hand! We’ve put together a handy list of stocking fillers for figure wizards that should hopefully keep Aunt Doris at bay, satisfy secret Santa requirements or give you an inkling about what to get your head of accounts.

Please feel free to add your suggestions for accounting-based presents below the line, or even better still, suggest products made by your small business clients.

* * *

The Fidget Cube

For those long days slaving over tax returns when focus is needed (but not always easy to find), the Fidget Cube is a desk toy for people who like to, well, fidget.Fidget cube

The cube features different tactile attachments on each side, letting you absent-mindedly spin, click, or roll the tiny interactive features while you work.

Originally dreamed up by two brothers for the pin clickers, desk tappers and phone cord winders of the world, the Fidget Cube raised over $6m in a Kickstarter campaign with an original target of $15,000 and over the past two years has been a phenomenon in the toy world.

The Fidget Cube is available for £7.85 on the antsy labs website or from all good toy retailers.

* * *

Novelty gifts

Who knew there was such a market for novelty accountant merchandise? Once upon a time the standard ‘I love spreadsheets’ mug was all an aspiring number-cruncher could hope for, but a thriving industry seems to have grown up around the need for novelty accounting products: here are few highlights.

For the coffee or tea drinkers:

 coffee tax returns

Tax return mug available on Etsy for £12.16.

badass accountant

Badass mug available on Etsy for £10.54.

For those with a liberal office dress policy:

Accountant wizard

Wizard t-shirt available on Etsy for £16.26.


Assets t-shirt available on Etsy for £20.27.

* * *

Beer, there and everywhere

If self assessment season or your company's year end close is enough to drive you to drink, AccountingWEB can vouch for the quality of the following three brewers. Fourpure

We recently ran an interview with St Austell brewery's FD Colin Stratton, and in the past we've featured Fourpure Brewing company's finance director Jim Shirley and Moor Beer's Justin Hawke. We happened to sample the produce on each occasion and can report good things (from what we remember). Here are their sites:

* * *

USB numeric keypad

While the recent shrinkage of technology has brought with it many benefits, the ability to enter figures at speed on a laptop the size of a credit card isn’t one of them.keypad

For those that need to key in numbers quickly, a USB numeric keypad is a cost-efficient way to bridge the gap between tiny laptop and desktop beast. Plug it in, enter your numbers, and unplug. It’s that simple.

The Targus Numeric keypad is available at PC World for £8.18 (inc VAT) or at other online retailers.

* * *

Keyboard and mouse review

For those looking for a bit of workplace luxury AccountingWEB recently reviewed the Logitech MX Master mouse and CRAFT keyboard as part of its Gadget Zone series.

While both are premium products at a relatively premium price, if you are in the market to upgrade your keyboard and mouse experience, then both are well worth the investment.

Once set up and bedded in the additional productivity functions are helpful and do save increments of time, but maybe something to file in the ‘marginal gains’ category rather than expecting anything revolutionary. Read the full review here.

* * *

Event swag

If pricey hardware isn't your thing and you're looking for a cost-effective/free gift alternative, then perhaps hoovering up and stockpiling free event goodies or 'swag' could do the trick. This year has been a bumper one for the swag connoisseur, and here's AccountingWEB's round-up of the available at Accountex 2018.

* * *

What would you recommend your non-accounting friends get you this Christmas? Let us know below the line.

Replies (17)

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By Duggimon
07th Dec 2018 10:08

All I want for Christmas is tax deductible cosmetic dentistry bridging the gap between my laterals with a central pontic.

Thanks (3)
Replying to Duggimon:
By JSJ54
07th Dec 2018 11:16

If only you were a TV news presenter.

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Replying to Duggimon:
By monkeypuzzle
11th Dec 2018 15:33


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By ChrisKH
07th Dec 2018 10:48

I recently acquired a 'Gangsta Accountant' T-shirt as a joke, as my staff keep calling me this for some reason (!) but really I don't want anything to do with accountancy (or tax) at this time of the year. I tend to want 'anything but accountancy' gifts and have asked for an electric multi-meter and a 3+ ton jack this year. I'm a frustrated handyman / motor mechanic really who relaxes working with hands when not working with my head.

Thanks (1)
Della Hudson FCA
By Della Hudson
07th Dec 2018 11:01

Another vote for nothing to do with accountancy. I’m not very acquisitive so perhaps a spa day, dinner in a good restaurant or a trip to the ballet. Failing that red wine, beer (thank you for testing for me) or chocolate always go down well

Thanks (1)
Replying to HudsonCo:
By KateR
07th Dec 2018 18:10

Preferably all three plus the comestibles. Best last year was ticket to a fantastic Christmas show client was involved in.

Thanks (0)
By Michael C Feltham
07th Dec 2018 11:08

With the idiocy of MTD on the horizon, then a Lobotomy might prove a good idea?

Thanks (6)
By SteveHa
07th Dec 2018 11:57

I prefer nothing, but then I don't do Christmas. I have fewer arguments that way.

Thanks (0)
Replying to SteveHa:
By Briar
07th Dec 2018 23:23

I agree. Baah! Humbug!

Thanks (0)
By Nefertiti
07th Dec 2018 13:38

How about buying your accountant a sense of humour for Christmas. Might help him smile a bit every now and then.

Thanks (1)
By oldshoremore
07th Dec 2018 13:45

I asked for a Waszp but my wife said I wasn't old enough to be that stupid.

Thanks (0)
By Husbandofstinky
07th Dec 2018 15:26

For all relevant 31 Jan deadline paperwork to be in before the big red man comes down the chimney dropping his off too before running off to Thailand for a three week holiday.

Limited company clients only always sound appealing this time of year. I know, the directors........

Thanks (0)
By Kaylee100
08th Dec 2018 01:54

I dont really want a gift just some time off too see family and mates.

Thanks (0)
By carnmores
09th Dec 2018 17:25

bring forward the tax deadline to 30 Nov so we can all rest over christmas ;-)

Thanks (2)
By GHarr497688
10th Dec 2018 18:53

with MTD maybe a noose would be good lol

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By Tornado
10th Dec 2018 22:44

There is nothing more exciting than a new stationery catalogue.

Many happy hours have been spent browsing through the pages of massive tomes from the like of Staples and Rymans on a Christmas morning.

Happy Christmas.

Thanks (0)
By Nefertiti
18th Dec 2018 19:46

The best present for any accountant (in practice) is to have a clock-in system for his/her staff which is linked to some software/app that automatically calculates how late a staff member is coming in to work or how earlly they leave and that includes lunch too.

Then it should automatically deduct the relevant amount from each person's salary at the end of the month. This excludes the partners of the firm ofcourse because they come in at 6am every morning and work till 8pm every night because they want to see who comes in late and leaves early. Just look at the glum faces of their homely partners to confirm.

Don't forget, if you watch the pennies, the pounds will automatically look after themselves. Get those lazy staff members for every penny you can deduct out of them (within legal parameters ofcourse, because we accountants are law abiding citizens after all) and henchmen/women for the HMRC whose every single rule we apply with so much vigor and enthusiasm to prove our intelligence and dedication. Hell we are even clever enough to decipher the sophisticated, nonsense laws that the HMRC pass every year, better than their own staff can.

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