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In the third segment of this series on marketing around auto enrolment (AE) to win new clients, Martin Bissett reveals how to identify prospects.

Taken from a recent Sage-sponsored webcast serialised on AccountingWEB in four parts Bissett, founder of the Upward Spiral Partnership, and Castle, a business development director at Smart Pension, uncover proven strategies to help win clients through the provision of AE services.

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Topic 3 of 4: Understand how to identify prospects

Bissett outlined the following groups: Current clients and who needs help, current prospects, and then ex-clients and in particular the ones you were sorry you lost.  

“We typically haven’t kept in contact and we don’t know if the firm kept their promises, and we don’t know if they’ve talked to them about AE. So this could be a starter to reignite a conversation and the possibility of them returning,” Bissett said.

Bissett then identified the ‘centres of influence’ which are the referral sources or the introducers, including IFAs, banks and solicitors. But Bissett said also consider the less obvious ones, such as the restaurant owner as they are likely to know the great and good of the local area.

Number five is the wish list: Many accountants don’t have a reason to start a conversation with a wish list prospect, but AE is a starting point for that conversation.

According to Bissett a less strong avenue is ex-enquiries and then finally number seven is proactive marketing – the ones that you’re going to go out to and that you’re not currently talking to.

Bissett said: “If you can find two or three in each of those seven categories we’ve got more than enough prospects to be getting on with for the next two to three months. We can start with a short term pipeline on those seven avenues.”

He added that you may want to start with the prospects that you already have a relationship with.

Watch the full webcast now.


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