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AccountingWEB Live: Save the date


Today, I’m delighted to announce the launch of AccountingWEB Live, a major new exhibition designed to engage and support the whole of the UK accounting community.

6th Nov 2019
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At AccountingWEB, our mission has always been to advance the profession by providing news, insight and practical guidance, and bring the community together through our Any Answers forum. That’s why after two decades of digital we’re now bringing our community to life with this exciting event.

AccountingWEB Live will seek to deliver the very best seminars, workshops, case studies and practical advice for UK accountants – all free of charge. We want this to be the best exhibition it possibly can be for the accounting community, and you can help us achieve this.

The event may be more than a year away, but I’ve put together a quick FAQ guide to AccountingWEB Live. If you have any other questions let us know in the comments section or get in touch via the details below. 

* * *

When is it? 

It’s a two-day event running 2-3 December 2020

Where is it? 

The Ricoh Arena, Coventry

How much will it cost to attend?

It will be free to attend but you will need to register.

Can I register now? 

Not yet! As it’s more than a year away all we’re asking at the moment is for you to mark your diaries. We’ll open registrations next year, but you can register your interest and hear the latest news from the event here.  

What can I do in the meantime?

I’m glad you asked. We want AccountingWEB Live to be the best exhibition it possibly can be for the accounting community, and we need you to help us to achieve that.

Firstly, based on our forum of the same name, we will have an ‘Any Answers theatre’ that will take the form of moderated panels, where a team of experts will discuss the topics of the day and take questions from the floor. And we want you to help us decide what those topics will be.

I’ve opened up a dedicated area on Any Answers to discuss this (click here for details), where you can suggest what should be there.

You can also use this area to give us your feedback and suggestions.

Is there a full content programme available?

Over the coming weeks and months, we will announce a full content programme. Keynote speakers, panel sessions, practical workshops and CPD seminars will all be available at AccountingWEB Live, delivered in four main streams:

Any Answers Theatre: Our 100-seat, Question Time-style theatre will be at the heart of the show floor. This is where our audience gets to put their burning questions to our panel of industry experts, fellow accountants, politicians and special guests.

Insight Exchange Workshops: Theatres on the main exhibition floor will connect you with vendors and the UK’s biggest technology brands. With capacity for 50-70 people, these pre-booked sessions will include product demos, case studies and seminars.

Keynotes: Special guest speakers will share insights and perspectives around the issues facing the accounting profession. From political hard-hitters to market analysts, our keynote sessions will inspire and provoke.

AccountingWEB Academy: This CPD-accredited education programme will develop newcomers and pros alike by helping them learn the skills they need to succeed; from getting to grips with key software packages to delivering best-in-class client service.

We’ll also be putting out a call for speakers and panellists next year.

Who are you partnering with?

AccountingWEB Live will be working with launch partner associations AAT, ACCA, AIA and ICPA to ensure the content programme meets professional accounting standards and delivers practical advice.

We are partnering with key technology brands FreeAgent, Intuit QuickBooks, TaxCalc and Xero as premium launch partners, working with them closely to ensure all AccountingWEB Live demos and workshops meet the needs of the attendees.

Exhibitors include BrightPay, BTCSoftware, Capium, CashPlus and Silverfin, with more to be announced very soon.

* * *

That’s all from me for now. As ever, get in touch via the editor address or the site’s private messaging function if you have any questions or suggestions.

Thanks for reading and see you around the site.


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Tony Margaritelli, ICPA Chairman
By Tony Margaritelli
06th Nov 2019 12:18

Looking forward to the event very much. If the accountingweb ethos can be transposed to a conference/exhibition arena which means involving real accountants and focusing on their needs and expectations solely then it should be a winner and judging by the the website you are going in the right direction. - Tony Margaritelli

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Replying to Tony Margaritelli:
By Tom Herbert
06th Nov 2019 15:08

Many thanks Tony. We're delighted to have yourself and the ICPA involved.

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06th Nov 2019 14:16

Excellent idea, although you may want to rethink the date. Any accountant; that is any good; is rather busy at the back end of the year and into January.

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Replying to JD:
By Tom Herbert
06th Nov 2019 15:16

Thanks for the comment and feedback JD.

We did think long and hard about the date, but we are now locked in for December 2020. We realise that for many of our members it's a long slog to get to 31st of Jan, but if I have anything to do with it a lot of the sessions at the event will either directly or indirectly help with solving some of the sticking points SA season throws up.

Hope that's relatively reassuring. If you'd like to follow up on that or anything else do drop me a PM - very happy to chat.

Thanks again and best wishes,


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By Timothey
11th May 2020 06:18

AccountingWEB Live will be welcoming submissions for content ideas, contributors and speakers from its online accounting and finance community and partner network. Submissions will be considered by the AccountingWEB Advisory Board

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By sarah4666
24th May 2020 07:54

If the accounting web ethos can be transposed to a conference/exhibition arena which means involving real accountants and focusing on their needs and expectations solely then it should be a winner and judging by the website you are going in the right direction.

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By patronsurveys
16th Jul 2021 11:36

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