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Among its benefits, running an accountancy practice can also be stressful, demanding and difficult to juggle with a busy personal life. 

Five years into practice, AccountingWEB member murphy1, dealing with stressful clients, high levels of worry, an unreliable employee and an ill partner started to doubt whether the profession was for her. 

"I am not sure this is for me," she told Any Answers. "I wish I didn't worry constantly. Is there anything I change to make it work?" 

AccountingWEB members in similar situations jumped forward to give their support and advice: 

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15th Feb 2013 10:11

Bad Boys' Club

It's all very well telling Murphy1 (in the original thread) to get rid of her troublesome clients, but in reality it can take months and sometimes longer than a year to reach a suitable window in which to unload them. It took me from April 2011 until mid 2012 to unload the three most diffficult clients who were impinging on my life, and even then I had first contact from the new accountant of one of them on 31st January this year (hurry, hurry!). Talk about being sticky! 

With so many accountants scratching around for a USP that would differentiate them from the pack, I wonder how long it will be before someone out there decides to specialise in troublesome clients? Wouldn't life be better if one was able to simply transfer a difficult client to a specialist practice, there and then, in the same way that football clubs get rid of their (alleged) bad boys like Joey Barton by gifting them to another club, cheaply or on a free transfer.

It's effectively what banks do with its small business managers; it rotates them, so that difficult customers who chip and chisel away to try and gain the upper hand are reset back to Square 1 every few years.  

Any takers?


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15th Feb 2013 13:32

@ I'msorryIhaven'taclue

Maybe we could roll the bad clients up into a new form of punishment for all those who grace the 'Professional Misconduct' pages of the accountancy journals.

That's what I call a deterrent; name them, shame them, fine them ...and then destroy their souls.

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18th Feb 2013 12:18


Cognitive behavioural therapy or a book there on, usually helps with un constructive worry.

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