Are you intelligent enough to be in practice?

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Mark Lee
Mentor and Speaker for accountants
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Mark Lee looks to stimulate debate about the skills required for successful practice by challenging assumptions that intellectual intelligence and technical prowess matter most.

We have all heard about IQ, though few of us really know how this raw measure of intelligence is tested. What is even less well known however is that in recent years other forms of Intelligence have been identified. The most commonly referenced of these is Emotional Intelligence (EQ). But there are others.

Becoming aware of the different types I got to wondering whether any of us is sufficiently intelligent to be in practice?

Different people differentiate the types of intelligence in different ways.

Karl Albrecht considers there to be 6 types:

  1. Abstract Intelligence

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25th Feb 2013 12:37


I'm only here because I couldn't hack it in the real world...

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By pennylj
25th Feb 2013 12:40

what is success?

The answer to your question depends upon how you measure 'success'. I don't think you have defined sucess though? Do you mean happiness, health, wealth, social status, some combination of these, something else ...?




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By Old Greying Accountant
25th Feb 2013 14:41

In my ...

... very humble experience, the best skill to run a sucessful practice is to have really good people skills, you don't even need to be a good accountant - if you can sign up lots of goods clients you just can buy in any of the other skills you need!

Basically, if you are a good sales man with the right back office team that is the best thing!

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26th Feb 2013 11:34

Intelligence is almost impossible to define

As human beings are a sum of their parts it is pretty difficult to clarify exactly what intelligence is.

I remember at the age of 13 a friend telling me how intelligent she was as she kept getting high scores in the intelligence test books that were very popular then. My own scores were dismal and I felt rather substandard. I knew I wasn't thick, but felt rather overpowered by the friend.

My "friend" got very high grades in her "O" levels whilst my grades were good but not fantastic. But she swotted like mad whilst I decided long ago that good was good enough.

We lost touch when my family moved away. Years later my brother had a flatmate who bumped into Ms superwoman. He commented that she was very boring. I felt rather pleased!

I now feel that someone I meet who is reasonably sparky is likely to be intelligent and no amount of paperwork, medals etc will improve my assessment of them.

I have met far too many people who didn't do well at at school, who feel that they are not as good as others and that is so wrong.


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By chatman
26th Feb 2013 19:56

EI More Useful than IQ

Definitely with OGA on this one. Knowing how to press people's buttons will get you much further than doing a good job. Not to undervalue doing a good job, just saying that it won't get you so far.

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