Coach Carol: Time leveraging for accountants, part one

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Carol McLachlan
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In her new audio seminar series, personal development coach, chartered accountant and NLP practitioner Carol McLachlan offers top tips for maximising your professional and personal productivity.

The chances are, 2009 is still ushering in a host of new challenges, complexities and unprecedented change, not just in the economy but for you in your own role. As pressure intensifies and stakeholder demands increase, the time has come to take a step back. What worked for you in 2007 and 2008 probably won't cut it in 2009. It's time for a new approach and new thinking to deal with a rapidly changing landscape. You need to achieve more with the same, or with even less resource. You need time leverage.

What can I learn?

Forget time management. The 21st century's demands and c...

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19th Aug 2009 15:46

Yuk !
Share leverage - OK, got that metaphor.

Time leverage - how the hell does that work ???!!! Do you need a Tardis ?

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21st Aug 2009 10:20

Time Leveraging
Actually, I agree, it's a naff title probably thought up for sale to a large conglomerate, however, it's a good reminder of the basics about questioning what you are doing and why. I've previously used (I think Edward Lear's) Six Honest Serving Men - What, Where, How, When, Who and Why? You may have to ask the why question several times (especially in a small business and upwards) to get to a core reason, and really start to get to the tasks that don't need doing.

Ann Dartnall
Abacus 161 Ltd

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07th May 2010 23:52

Six Honest Serving Men

Dear Ann

The six honest serving men were invented by Rudyard Kipling, I think. Same vintage. They taught me all I know...

Andrew Aiken, FCA

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