Coach Carol: Your attention please!

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Personal development coach, chartered accountant and NLP practitioner Carol McLachlan explains why we’re all suffering from a lack of focus and offers handy hints on how to get it back.

What else are you doing as you read this? Eating your sandwiches? Fielding phone calls? Peeking at emails? Keeping up with your CPD by podcast? Half an eye on that report?  And that’s just at lunch time!

As an accountant, you are almost certainly expected to be, have claimed to be, or aspire to be an ace multi-tasker. You may even believe, mistakenly, that you are one. Now you’re shrugging and proclaiming ‘it’s just the job’. Really? Are these the same accountants who tell me they’re dying of trivia overload? Shouldn’t the job be effective action t...

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By Anonymous
27th Jun 2009 13:31

Multitasking can be good for routine tasks however I agree total

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29th Jun 2009 11:47

Great advice
Thank you Carol - what a great post.

It's far too easy to get distracted when you have a busy schedule.

As well as "blocking" time to deal with e-mails and letters, one thing I would recommend is being able to set "quiet times" where you don't take incoming phone calls.

I use a PA and phone service called Moneypenny who have an online portal that lets users log in and say when they'll be unable to take calls and how long for.

For practices with an in-house receptionist I'd recommend setting up a system that lets all staff, not just the partners, say "no calls please Mary".


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