Four top tips for career success

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The AAT’s Steven Perryman offers advice for newly qualified accountants looking to climb the career ladder.

For recently qualified accountants, identifying the best and quickest route to the top of the career ladder can be difficult. There is no single, clearly defined route that can be easily replicated by those with ambitions of climbing to finance director or managing director level, and there are certainly no shortcuts. Having said that, there are a few things candidates can do to help themselves progress along the career ladder.

  • Know where you’re heading
  • Broaden your experience
  • Expand your skills
  • Networking
  • FD or MD?

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Steven Perryman is editorial manager at the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT).

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By Anonymous
12th Nov 2009 16:50

Or do it the alternative way.

1. Marry the bosses daughter or son.

2. Keep on good terms with the PAs to the senior management.

3. Never get made redundant -few people recover from this - get out before it happens -you need to know what is happening in your work place.   If your employer gives you information on a need to know basis then   watch out!

4.  If someone is brought into your department over your head especialy if its from outside the company - thats a bad sign  -think about moving.

5. Never take a pay cut  - it looks bad on your CV.

6. Do not spend too much time sub-contracting. It may pay the bills in the sort term  -but there is no security and its bad news  in todays mortgage market.

7. Never trust your employer !

8. Have two stings to your bow. Learn another job in addition to accountancy.  Law, property etc 

9. Build up your savings.

10. If you do not like something at your office -speak up  before dissatisfaction  effects your work.










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