Growth vouchers could boost work for accountants

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According to the Treasury Budget document, the programme will test a variety of innovative approaches to help small businesses overcome barriers to growth. One of these barriers has been limited use of external advice.  

The voucher will be used to make a contribution towards the initial cost of advice on specific areas such as finance and business planning, cash flow and credit management. Businesses will be expected to spend the voucher with an approved list of advisers, as was the case with the now disbanded Business Link network. The new scheme, however, is likely to include more accountants.

The finer details of the initiative will be worked out in the next few weeks.

Clive Lewis, head of enterprise at the ICAEW, said...

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    22nd Mar 2013 13:52

    'likely to include'...

    you would kind of hope given the subject matter...although presumably the list is full of business 'coaches' who benefitted from the previous grants available....£1500 for a couple of hours (with associated grant of £1000)  with someone who hasn't necessarily got a business track record....and then we wonder why we are in so much trouble.... 

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    By jdm5454
    22nd Mar 2013 13:08

    Completely agree.

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    26th Mar 2013 11:47

    Growth vouchers? Very New

    Growth vouchers? Very New Labour.

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