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How Did I Get Here? Nigel Rainer, Tax Automation Ltd

17th May 2005
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Continuing our How Did I Get Here? series, Nigel Rainer describes how after graduating he trained at Coopers & Lybrand and from there has now become Director of Tax Automation Limited.

1. Current job title

Director, Tax Automation Limited

2. Describe your initial training within the profession

I joined Coopers & Lybrand straight from university as a trainee and studied for the ATT and ATII qualifications. My first career move was from Coopers to a fast growing independent practice (which has now become part of Tenon). Having both Big four and independent practice experience which I believe gave me well rounded training.

3. What positions have you held?

After qualifying in 1994, I moved into the tax software world in 1995 when I started work for Taxsoft providing focused strategic support to their four biggest customers. My last employment prior to starting Tax Automation was with Tax Computer Systems in the early days of the Alphatax product. This was a very exciting time in the development of the software and the company. Every new customer was a huge opportunity and nothing was taken for granted. I am now responsible for overseeing all tax technical and systems development within Tax Automation Limited.

4. What advice would you give to someone thinking of entering the profession?

Get as broad a range of experience as possible and don't specialise too early. The main thing however, is to always strive to retain a sense of humour and don't take things too personally.

5. Is there a significant event you can tell us about which had an impact on your career?

Founding Tax Automation with Bryony Clinton in 2001. We had decided that the time had come to do things our own way and prove that our ideas would create a viable business. We have come a long way since then and it is certainly an exciting journey!

6. What is your overall view of the finance industry and the people in it ?

Looking in on the profession as an outsider these days, the amount of pressure on accountants and tax advisers has shifted quite dramatically in the last few years. Compliance deadlines, regulatory control and quality of information are currently amongst the main issues people are dealing with. As far as the people are concerned I think, without exception, everyone I have come across has been honest, professional and hard working.

7. Who most inspired you to get where you are today?

I have been lucky enough to work with some very talented people in my career who have taught me many things. However, I think I have my parents to thank for my thirst for knowledge and my need to challenge the status quo and to find better ways to do things.

8. What has been your greatest achievement?

To date, I am most proud of developing my ideas for software and seeing through the creation of commercial products which are needed by our customers. However, I hope that my greatest achievements are yet to come.

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