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How Did I Get Here? Robert Mitchell, Albasas

26th Jul 2005
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Continuing our How Did I Get Here? series, Robert Mitchell, talks about his journey to becoming Principal at Albasas.

Current job title
Principal of the Albasas Group

Describe your initial training within the profession
I was an extension clerk, cashier, stock controller salesman in the Glasgow Fruit Market. This was all vocational.Went on to FE then HE to qualify in Distribution Studies and Consumer (& Marketing) studies. It was obvious from my student work that I was numerate and hence the reason I kept falling into those type of jobs. I had previously ignored the Maths Department at secondary school because I held a grudge about being beaten by leather straps to sharpen my concentration! So by the end of my higher education I was told to study accountancy by a lecturer. I did.

What positions have you held?
Vocationally most in small general practice. Although I was never regarded as a senior or anything beyond that until being self employed. I'm also a Careers Advisor for the AAT. Do Branch Network duties for the AAT as well.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of entering the profession?
Do just do a degree in accounting if you want to become an Accountant. Broaden your academic intellect instead. If not going to Higher Education etablishments do AAT. Accountancy demands a certain level of maturity that not all have in their late teens early 20's.

Is there a significant event you can tell us about which had an impact on your career?
Audit exemption. I did not see the point of further CCAB type studies. Given my age and experience and the type of client I was used to-it was tailor made for me. Also being made redundant around the same time changed my life as I started my own practice.

What is your overall view of the finance industry and the people in it?
Accountants generally don't talk much, share ideas with each other etc. Then try and claim others ideas as their own after initially rejecting change. However the accountancy professions real strength lies in its diversity in the syllabus.

Who most inspired you to get where you are today?

What has been your greatest achievement?
Winning 'best dressed' at the recent AAT CAN Event!
Seriously though, just being father to 3 is achievement enough! Career wise building up my own small practice.


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By Albasas
26th Jul 2005 16:34

Good Laugh Eh?
The above article is completely edited out of the original context as was presented to Aweb.

Others may wish to consider if as they claim:

"AccountingWEB is a professional site for professional people. We encourage a frank exchange of views on all issues of interest to accountants. However, we retain the right to remove postings outright without notice if we regard them as insulting, libellous, derogatory or purely self promoting"

Others can make their own minds up why they chose to do this.

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