ICAEW cracks down on CPD self certification

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John Stokdyk
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In recent months, the ICAEW has started punishing accountants who continue to pay their membership fees, but fail to complete their annual self certification of continuing professional development (CPD).

The institute moved to a self-directed regime in July 2005 which required members to certify annually their compliance with the new CPD provisions. For the past five years the ICAEW has sent out a member pack containing their annual fee reminder and a certificate of CPD compliance to be returned by the end of the following January.

November's disciplinary report identified two accountants who received reprimands for breaching the ICAEW CPD regulations every year since they were introduced. One was fined £3,000 plus £1,100 costs and the other escaped with a reprimand, but no fine.

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By mjshort
14th Nov 2012 09:10

Shall we just put down all the required time looking at RTI?

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By neileg
14th Nov 2012 09:49


If I decide that I don't need any CPD in this year, do I need to document this?

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14th Nov 2012 10:25

Lax records?

The article isn't about lax recording of CPD, it's about failing to certify that appropriate CPD has been undertaken.

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14th Nov 2012 11:07

Headline altered

Thanks for pointing that out James, we've amended the headline and focus of the article accordingly.

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14th Nov 2012 11:30

are you sure

you state at the top of this piece that the ICAEW have recently started punishing accountants, but at the end you state you have asked them and their response indicates they have always done this since the relevant regulations came into force.  So which is it?

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