Institute ejects ‘sick note’ accountant

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A student accountant at Deloitte who fabricated a letter from a doctor to provide an excuse for failing professional exams is unfit to be a member of the ICAEW, a disciplinary committee has ruled.

Nahied Kabir, a provisional member of the ICAEW, was employed by the Big Four firm on a training contract.

It stipulated that Kabir could have two attempts at passing a professional exam, which, if failed, would entitle the employer to terminate the training contract. Kabir failed the exam twice while at Deloitte.

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05th Sep 2012 17:21

My professional body publishes the the results of it's disciplinary panel and it always amazes me that people cheat in their exams and are just reprimanded!  I see it time and time again.


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06th Sep 2012 10:35

What planet is he on- He is 

What planet is he on- He is "deeply upset and concerned" regarding Deloittes treatment, when they have been extremely reasonable with him. " regarding  Deloittes "    " "

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