Interim FDs: a permanent career fixture

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Working as an interim manager has become the considered career and lifestyle choice for hundreds of finance professionals in the UK.

But stepping off the traditional career treadmill means abandoning all the benefits and security of permanent employment and selling your skills, know-how and experience on the open market. So what kinds of people choose to do this, what experience and skills permit this way of working and why did they make the move?

In this first of two articles, Nick Diprose of BIE Interim Executive and Archer Mathieson's Ben Davies try to answer those questions.

Would an interim job be right for you?
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    06th May 2011 17:22

    Interim or part time?

    It's an interesting read and fascinating how the demand for both interims and part time FD's has increased over the last few years. Maybe thats a factor of many more experienced FD's/CFO's being on the market as a result of the economic 'downturn', but I like to think its also due to forward looking companies realising that they need some of the invaluable expertise that both interims and part timers can provide, but can't afford the commitment of taking them onto their books on a full time basis.

    We're certainly seeing a huge number of applicants for our FD vacancies, which is mirrored in the marketplace by entrepreneurial growth companies seeing this as an effective and affordable solution.

    Whether interim or part time, the future looks good.

    Chris Chapman


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