Practice Tip: SWOT with Mind Maps

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In my last article I suggested anyone who wants to plan their practice needs to do a SWOT analysis. In doing so I'm guessing most people know what a SWOT analysis is. If not, search Google.

And remember, that like all techniques, a SWOT analysis is just a tool to help you achieve an objective. In this case what you're trying to work out:

1) what the strengths of the situation you're reviewing are;

2) what the weaknesses are;

3) what opportunities those strengths and weaknesses make available;

4) what threats they expose you to.

How you record this is up to you. But what I'll stress is, you must record it if you are serious about what you are doing. A quick chat by the coffee machine is not enough. If you're undertaking a business planning process it has to be documented so that when decisions a...

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