Presentation skills for finance directors

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Mark Lee met up with Nick Fitzherbert, a member of The Magic Circle, to talk about the success he has been having in coaching finance directors in presentation skills – by applying a little magic!

ML: So what has magic got to do with presentation skills and why in particular have you been using it for finance directors?

NF: I caught the magic ‘bug’ midway through a 20-year career in public relations – I hired a magician called Fay Presto to entertain my staff one Christmas and I was instantly hooked. I started searching out the shops, the clubs and the conventions, and the more I learned about magic, the more I realised that...

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About Mark Lee

Mark Lee works almost exclusively with savvy sole practitioners who want more out of their practice.  More clients, more money, more time, more satisfaction - or everything!

An accountant by profession, Mark moved away from the provision of professional advice in 2006.   He is now a professional speaker, mentor, facilitator, author and debunker.

Mark Lee is a realist and regularly debunks myths and hype related to his areas of interest and expertise.  His keynote talk for audiences of accountants is How to STAND OUT and be more than 'just another accountant'.

Mark is passionate about helping accountants generally so is a keen blogger and commentator in the accounting and tax press. He is consultant practice editor of AccountingWEB and has written hudnreds of articles here that have been viewed over a million times.

Check out how he could help you here:

Mark stopped giving tax advice himself despite being a past Chairman of the Chartered Accountants’ Tax Faculty. He is however Chairman of the Tax Advice Network - the UK's highest ranked lead generation website for tax advisers and accountants. The network also publishes a weekly practical tax update for accountants in general practice and full tax support, on demand too.  You can also use it as a lead generation resource for local people seeking tax advice from an accountant.

Mark has extensive network reach through his blogs, talks, social media activity, articles and his regular newsletters that go to thousands of accountants every week.


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12th Jun 2013 13:50

always love this

a masterful piece of missdirection between two magicians. I have a lot of time for Fay a very lovely person. is it all an illusion?

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13th Jun 2013 12:09

Try this . . .

What Nick says makes a lot of sense.

However many FD's can pick some pointers in the meantime by attending a presentation(s) from their own sales and marketing teams.

I learnt a hell of alot from watching my own sales teams giving their presentations on their performance.  You never know the FD may feel compelled to participate.  I did!!

Thanks (2)
20th Jun 2013 23:52

Interesting & good tips

Thanks for the article Mark.There is some good advice offered by Nick.

I particularly like the advice on not finishing with question and saying "before I conclude".

I sometimes train finance professionals in presentation skills and will certainly acknowledge some of Nick's tips. 

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09th Feb 2016 06:08

Presentation Skills

We need to develop our presentation skills in order to get success in professional field. In most of the occasion we have found that directors and employees are taking the support of different types of presentation skills to produce a good output. Presentations are requires and essential to describe a particular term with the help of presentation we are able to describe our business product, finance, service and others to clients and customers.

Business Coach

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