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QuickBooks - Tips and queries #1

7th Jul 2006
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QuickBooks is one of the most popular packages among Accounting Web readers. David Carter has collected together some of the issues raised by readers on Any Answers, particularly in the areas of job costing and reporting. Follow the links to see the full discussions.

  • Costing
  • Reporting and Daybooks


  • QuickBooks Pro and WIP
    The client wants to use timesheets to create invoices to clients. Is it possible to see total WIP spread across all jobs? Norman Wilson

    QuickBooks and employee time costing
    My architect/surveyor client needs job profitability reporting. Can employee time be costed to a job in QB and how? It seems that QB job costing only picks up third party invoiced costs. Charles Griffiths

    We 'buy' haulage for products we distribute and then charge the customer an 'all in' rate. QuickBooks then thinks we have unbilled items - ie the haulage element which we have bought separately. Dan Bourne

    QuickBooks and FIFO
    QuickBooks provides average cost reports. Any ideas if stock can be tracked on a FIFO basis? Jacob

    Job Costing in QuickBooks
    It does not seem possible to enter costs against a job using a journal... The timesheet process seems to be add nothing other than additional steps and potential confusion. Profitfinder

    Tips on QuickBooks and job costing
    David Carter found it difficult to get out a simple listing of all costs from all sources. After advice from readers, he's been able to write a custom report in QuickBooks that gives him at least some of the detail

    How Good is QuickBooks at Job Costing?
    David Carter found it very hard work to print off even a basic list of expenses and revenue for a job.

    Costing roundup ' MYOB, Mamut, TAS, Sage, QuickBooks
    David Carter compares the job costing facilities on offer from MYOB, Mamut, TAS Books, Sage Line 50


    QuickBooks Queries
    How does one produce a list of sales invoices in invoice number order (ie a sales day book) in QuickBooks? I can produce it in item or customer order, but can't see how to do it in invoice order. David Evans

    QuickBooks pro fields
    I have always used a journal/transaction number as my main reference for filing. In QuickBooks Pro the journal reference doesn't seem to be listed on reports. Am I missing something? Lee

    QuickBooks dates
    I use QuickBooks Pro 2002 and column dates on reports appear in the format "day month and year", eg "31 December 2004 to 28 February 2005" which is often too wide. Is there a way of changing? Nick Stewart

    QuickBooks 2004 sales invoices
    I have customised the Sales Invoices to reflect our traditional Excel-based version but when I preview or print the invoice it shows additional fields. John

    QuickBooks - 13 accounting periods
    Most reports can be selected on date range but what about clearing and closing the old accounting year given that accounting date will vary each year end? Michael Eaton

    Can you get a reliable daybook out of QuickBooks?
    But how (she wails) does one produce a day book? Try as I might, using the transaction listing, I can't get a simple report that is foolproof! Janet Evans/David Carter

    Any "Dons" on QuickBooks report building?
    Am almost at my wits' end. Am trying to build a report in QuickBooks but am having difficulty in getting the report to display data entered on custom defined fields from Customer information. Jerome Braithwiate-R

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