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A stash of David Carter’s popular articles has been discovered in the ExcelZone archives and reunited with their sample files.

Some off the most popular content on AccountingWEB during the past decade have been the pivot table tutorials published by consultant editor David Carter.

But with various changes to AccountingWEB;’s underlying database, some of Carter’s tutorials slipped through the net, or key files needed to complete them disappeared. The problem was brought to light last week by AccountingWEB member Nick Williams, who had stumbled on monthly P&L and SagePivot tutorials, but couldn’t access the downloads.

With a little detective work from our head of production, the missing files were relocated and reinstated to their rightful place. The episode triggered an internal review that identified numerous other tutorials that suffered the same fate. If you have been frustrated in the path by absent example files, the following tutorials have all be corrected too:

Most of the pivot table tutorials were written during the Excel 2003 era. Most of the techniques will still be applicable in later versions of Excel, but the command locations, sequences and wizards will be different. With a little educated guesswork, you should be able to complete them - but the following articles might speed things up and alert you to new pivot table possibilities not covered in the tutorials:

During the missing file search, we contacted David Carter who reported that he has “a big story to tell” on management reporting. As well as finding out about this intriguing development, we will also get him to provide some updated management reporting and pivot table tutorials in the coming months.

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