Review: 'Lend Me Your Ears '

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Title: Lend Me Your Ears

Author: Professor Max Atkinson

Publisher: Ebury Press Vermilion

ISBN: 0091894794

Price: £9.99

Reviewer: Anne Teggart

This book was written by the same man who trained former Liberal Democrat Leader, Paddy Ashdown, in the art of public speaking. How do I know? Well, he mentions it at the front of his book. He has also included favourable references to himself from Michael Sheehan, a former speech coach to Bill Clinton. So, if he is looked to by someone so close to the most powerful person in the world, then surely what he says must be true' right?

At first glance this book looks to be visually pleasing on the eye. The layout suggests that it would be quite easy to scan the book to find the particular subject area you are interested in. And indeed it is. Split...

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