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Review: Strategy

17th May 2005
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Title:Strategy ' A Step-by-Step Approach to the Development and Presentation of World Class Business Strategy
Author: Mark Daniell
Reviewer: Dr Jeff Wooller
Publisher:Palgrave Macmillan
Price: £25
ISBN: 1-4039-4288-9

Strategy is the first book from a leading strategy consultant that takes the reader through a practical step-by-step approach to the development and presentation of a world-class strategy.

Mark Daniell has an impeccable academic record taking in Harvard, Oxford and the Sorbonne. He is also in demand as a public speaker and expert commentator with CNN, CNBC and BBC. He has 25 years' experience in strategic consulting.

The author looks at all the previous major contributions in this area including Porter's 'The Five Forces', McKinsey's 7S's model and Shintaro Hori's 9S's model. He points out the advantages and flaws in each model before presenting his own 'super' model.

Whereas other books on strategy rely on extensive use of actual case studies, the author chooses to use a hypothetical model, the Royal Richesse Watch Company that is based in Switzerland. He uses this example, as everyone understands the basics of the product.

In the diagnosis, design and implementation stages he sets out detailed examples of what the forms may look like in practice. You are able to download a pre-formatted set of the charts shown in the book. These are fully formatted colour Powerpoint slides ready to be reviewed and their content edited to provide a full strategy presentation custom tailored for own business.

Those involved in the strategic planning process can surely impress their peers by the quality of their approach if they use the slides available and follow the advice of the book.

Although the list price is £25 the price is only £12.50. This makes this hardback exceptional value.


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By Tingle140
17th Aug 2019 10:47

Thanks for the review, i really enjoyed this one.

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