Review: The Facilitator's Toolkit

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Title: The Facilitator's Toolkit (Second Edition)

Authors: Maggie Havergal and John Edmonstone

Publisher: Gower

ISBN: 0-566-08565-8

Price: £75.00

Reviewer: Tim Levey

It used to be much simpler in the 'command and control' business environment. The man at the top decided what had to be done and the managers then told the workers what they had to do. By and large the workers did what they were told. Otherwise the workers got the union involved, at which point it did then get complicated.

At some point a business consultant was introduced. Before long there were consultants for everything from Accounting Systems to 'Zen in the Workplace'. One of them will have found from walking around the shop floor that the workers did actually have some good ideas as to how to improve a business. The...

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