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Review: The Management Task

29th Dec 2005
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Title:The Management Task ' 3rd edition
Author: Rob Dixon
Publisher: Butterworth Heinemann
ISBN: 0 7506 5985 8
Price: £19.99
Reviewer: Jo Lamb-White

This book has been published in association with the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and is one of a series marketed under the Institute's banner and is pitched at Certificate level (NVQ level 4).

If you have ever thought that NVQ meant sort of second division, then you really need to have a good look at this book. It should dispel those thoughts once and for all.

This is a very good, comprehensive and sound book and although aimed at intermediate management, will be applicable to other levels as well.

It covers all the basic requirements of good management and does not venture too far into latest management fads (although it does include in part V some New Developments in Management Thinking, but rather concentrates on what has been around a while and has been well used in management theory and more importantly practice.

It is very easy to leap wholeheartedly into the latest thinking on this that and the other, but unless the ground from which you leap is stable, you will end up leaping and leaping and leaping being very unproductive and achieving very little apart from exhaustion! This is a great book that a lot of senior managers should dip into every now and again as a reminder of the basics, to make sure the ground is still stable.

The layout of the book is logical and well thought out with concise, well presented chapters with a comprehensive Introduction following on with Management Process, Functions and Environment.
If read in one or two sittings, it is an easy read; its pace is good with clear explanations. As a reference book too it is excellent with a full bibliography and index.

My only criticism, and it is a small one, is that better references to sources could be included in the text.

A very good addition to a student's, management trainee's and business' library. Equally at home in the CEO's office.

LambWhite Partnership Ltd


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