Stressed practitioner gets community's help

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Rachael Power
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When one stressed, depressed accountant vented about her bleak situation in Any Answers recently, her cry for help came from a far off, dark place.

Going by the online ame of Sir Digby Chicken Caesar, our depressed correspondent is in real life a sole practitioner wrestling with the pressures of raising a young family in difficult financial circumstances. A recent bout of pneumonia led her to reassess her life.

She decided she did not want to continue working as an accountant; since setting up in practice seven years ago her career had become very stressful. Before then, she enjoyed reasonable success after starting out at 23 in industry.

Now, at 32, she planned...

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21st Nov 2013 08:32

Our community works in a very strange place

in my opinion.

On the one hand, "pressure of work" is not a reasonable excuse, unless of course, HMRC (HM Revenue & Customs) are explaining why your enquiry, to them, has been delayed!

As in many traits of our lives, it seems that there's one rule for one and, one rule for another.

The difference is of course that "pressure" can lead to "stress", which is a (seriously) dangerous health hazard.

But, what do I know?

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