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Personal development coach and chartered accountant Carol McLachlan is now offering careers advice in Coach Carol's career advice group on AccountingWEB.

As a senior manager and director of resources of Ernst & Young’s north region, she has a wealth of experience to draw on and now advises accountants through her consultancy theaccountantscoach.com

Carol helps individuals and organisations with a wide variety of professional and personal development challenges including career planning, work-life balance, performance enhancement, leadership skills, team building, assertiveness training, improving communication and managing conflict.

As part of her long-running association with AccountingWEB.co.uk, she is now available to field your questions and offer her expert advice on how to improve your personal effectiveness and career prospects. This week for example, the group has heard from an AAT student looking for advice on how to gain a position closer to home.

If you are looking for a new position, make sure to take advantage of this opportunity - but remember, it's a voluntary service. Please don't expect her to find a new job for you, instant answers or on-going support for free. She's also got to earn a living!

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20th Aug 2011 21:33

Trying to move out a practice

Hi Carol,

I am CIMA passed finalist, trying to find the next step up the career ladder, preferably from practice to industry. My problem is I don’t have a degree. I am wondering if this will adversely impact my chances of getting a job.

I have worked in a small practice for 4 years. Will my experience and qualification make up for not having a degree?

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22nd Aug 2011 22:58

Hello Carol,

I would really like some independent advice as to what my future career options may be.


I don't know if you have every read any of my posts on here but my circumstances are extremely complex and have developed over a number of years. (Although I have a fair summary here: https://www.accountingweb.co.uk/anyanswers/question/does-anyone-record-client-telephone-calls)


I have only recently begun to get myself together and have luckily landed in a role allied to accountancy rather than being directly in it, but I would really like to rescue whatever I can from my once glittering career.


I am happy to be a case study for you - if it’s of any use - and I am happy to provide any further details you may need and to disclose to you real name and personal details, provided of course I remain anonymous in any subsequent posts.


I know my case would provide a real challenge but I think it would make interesting reading for both this community and the wider accountancy world.


Hope my story sparks your interest.


Best regards


Albert Camus


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