The importance of first time passes

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Many recruitment companies would agree with the sentiment that in the current tough jobs market, the majority of their clients value first time passes in trainees more than ever before. Alex Miller reports.

This is especially true of larger firms, which continue to use ever-stricter criteria to whittle down applications.

Employers also like trainees to have completed their studies in good time, rather than taking a long time to complete exams. Rightly or wrongly, employers often assume trainees who have taken a long time to complete studies have had to sit retakes or have deferred.

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15th Aug 2012 15:02

are there the jobs?

like all graduates (with the numbers of jobs for 16-24 year-olds having declined since 2003-and pay rates with them along with Quack degree subjects and examining bodies)-non relevant or relevant degree subject accountancy students have to show they can do alot better or otherwise be willing to work for nothing for longer and be supported by their parents such as happened in the days when ACA training was done by correspondence course and you had to buy it when all apprentices were expected to live at home.

These days are coming back again sadly to haunt us all-forget about owning your own home soon after you start out in your career with the huge student debt students carry.


when it comes down to it:

"Soft skills, like teamwork, interpersonal abilities and communication with internal and external publics can also be measured.”  

and work experience count the most unless you are lucky enough to have a rich daddy to help you through the first time passes.

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15th Aug 2012 16:05

@david....would agree...

dread the thought that the 'big employers' consider the soft skills as well....and then down the line they wonder why the client hasn't quite bonded with the new manager....(personality bypass and all that)

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16th Aug 2012 14:50

Business experience

So the company ends up recruiting people who have never had to cope with having to have a second go at things when they didn't go according to plan the first time ...

That sounds like a good strategy.

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17th Aug 2012 10:54

How many currently in practice ...

Have taken exams more than once - and would they admit to it?

Equally any member of the public wishes to employ the best, whether plumber, electrician or accountant - so how does a member of the public ascertain the 'best' accountant

What benchmark of hard & soft skills can be used to determine the best in a particular field - and does being the best in a particular area change over time, so that 30 years on are historic exams of any real relevance

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17th Aug 2012 11:57

Everyone's experience is different

My view is, yes, 1st time passes are great but everyone will have different pressures and responsibities if they are working. Someone managing a team of 4 in a very busy role and then having to take all 4 final papers at once (like me) is far different to someone in a lower level role, in at 9 and straight out the door at 5 on the dot who can allocate far more time to studying.

I didn't pass the final paper 1st time but had achieved a 4th place commendation in a prior paper which I believe has similar value.

Work experience and achievements are more mportant than 1st time passes I reckon as they show what you have done in the real world , not just that you are good at passing exams.

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