The key trends that will shape 2014

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For those able to tear themselves away from tax returns at this time of year, the first week of 2014 can be a perfect time to reflect on the peaks and troughs of 2013, and start planning for the year ahead.

This year AccountingWEB was overwhelmed with predictions for the next 12 months from our regular contributors, members and suppliers.

Stalwarts of the profession like Steve Pipe, Mark Lee and Carol McLachlan came forward with reasoned logic and tempered wisdom, while the likes of CABA and Xero boss Gary Turner put across their views on the events that will shape the year.

Here we’ve whittled down that longlist to the following predictions for 2014...

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    By redboam
    12th Jan 2014 14:43

    Economic Outlook

    Business depends on demand. So far this has improved during 2013 as a result of reduced savings and increased debt. However even that has been partially diverted to cover the increased costs of household energy and the likes of train fares.  This cannot go on forever and unless we see a fall in these costs and significant further reductions in public sector spending in order to alleviate taxes across the board, this economic improvement could well run out of steam in 2014. In fact if the inevitable rise in interest rates intervenes over the next twelve months we could end up back to where we were in 2008.

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    13th Jan 2014 21:47


    Not a business issue but point 8 above is exactly right - this app:

     a kettlebell in the office and just 10mins to spare make this accountant feel much better.

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