The Olympics: After the show

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OK, it’s time to concentrate, explains Simon Sweetman. To concentrate especially on what the government may have slipped past us while we were drooling in front of the Olympics and marvelling at David Cameron’s ability to jinx every British favourite he watched, setting himself up for a new career as the best predictor of sports results since the late lamented Paul the psychic octopus.

You will have noticed that he was expected at Ed McKeever’s canoeing but didn’t turn up…result, gold for McKeever!

And (ignoring whatever lunacy Michael Gove has launched - we will conquer the world with our 12 times tables) we ought to look at tax and perhaps at a condoc that has been around for a while as we were worrying what had happened to the summer.

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17th Aug 2012 14:29


he did turn up to see McKeevor - or else when they broadcast a picture of him in the crowd on the big screen they had photo-shopped him in?

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