The personal and business development side of CPD

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Mark Lee
Mentor and Speaker for accountants
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Mark Lee explores the practical considerations for start-up practices looking to arrange their own personal and business development CPD.

This is the third of three articles exploring CPD-related issues for start-up practices. The first article in the series explored the questions “what does CPD really mean?”, “what counts as CPD?” and “which approach do you prefer?”

The second article focused on the technical side of CPD – keeping up-to-date with professional and technical developments and ensuring that you are sufficiently up to speed to be giving clients advice.

This article looks at the other important side of your continuing professional development. That which determines whether you continue to grow and to develop as a person, as an accountant and whether you do anything beyond hope, wish and pray to build a successful practice.

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  • What are these other skills?
  • Where can I learn them?
  • Can I do it alone?
  • What’s the difference?

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