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It may be a clich at this time of year, but if people do need to watch their weight, Debra Dalgleish has a collection of spreadsheets to help them.

As you get down to the new year workload with an extra inch or two around your waist from holiday excesses, it may be sensible to start setting a few health and exercise goals. Excel MVP Debra Dalgleish kicked off 2013 with an Excel weight and nutrient spreadsheets to help herself and other users stay on track.

Since managing your weight ultimately boils down to watching what you eat and getting enough exercise to match your intake, it makes sense to start with her Excel Recipe Nutrients Calculator. The downloadable spreadsheet includes a recipe calculator into which you enter the ingredients and their c...

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By seeroo
18th Jan 2013 16:33

Use an app

There are a a lot of apps such as my fitness pal which can do this more efficiently and have a database full of foods and exercise that can be added.  It would be a lot easier to use them.

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26th Jan 2013 04:31

Weight loss

Hi John,

Great post on weight loss spreadsheet tracker and like to say we must keep our spreadsheet tracker or workout journal to measure our progress. Never stop experimenting, add fun in our workouts and note what will works for us.

san antonio fitness

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30th Aug 2013 16:03

I have various health and fitness apps that help me a lot in maintaining the health and improving the fitness level because I do the fitness workouts according to the new methods that are more effective. 

Rutherford exercise 

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