The ‘wonder’ of leadership

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Having spent 30 years as a leadership consultant, RA Consultancy’s Colin Reeve is still in awe of those who develop and practice the habits of leading and the outstanding results they achieve.

I think first we should distinguish between business and strategic leadership and the leading of people to outstanding performance and into a state of possibility. The decisions made to steer an organisation through this most unpredictable, fast-moving and impatient business environment are not the ones that change morale, increase energy, liberate talent and engage everyone in the organisation wholeheartedly in the business of the business.

Leading by example

Those often yearly big decisions are essential and set the course through the environment. However, to take the people on an adventure, to experience the highs and lows, to transform the challenges; it's the dozens of small decisions that leaders make in the course of their everyday activity that have the potential to engage the energy of the people.

To talk to someone or not, to turn up when you said you would, to draw people into a conversation or to exclude them. These are the leadership conversations which determine the excitement, the motivation and the commitment that, in turn, become the driving force for increased productivity, quality, service and loyalty. These 'pit stop' interactions, when skilfully done, are a unique opportunity to develop success thinking throughout the business.

Any thought expressed in a conversation, no matter where it starts from, can be guided and escalated into leadership thinking and can begin to stimulate everyone in that organisation to take responsibility beyond their tasks. It can raise their thoughts above the completion of their task to their wholehearted engagement in success and the business of the business.

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