Tutorial:.... Budgeting with Pivot Tables #1 [Excel 5 to 97]

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For the management accountant, says David Carter, Excel pivot tables represent the most important development in IT since the original invention of the spreadsheet. This article shows you how to use Excel's multidimensional analysis tool for budgeting. This article was first published on AccountingWEB in December 1999, but remains on the site for the benefit of anyone who may be using older versions of Excel. For later versions, click here or go to Interested in pivot tables? Start here..

If your job is to analyse data, or to prepare management reports, you will find pivot tables an indispensable tool. Particularly valuable is the facility to export raw transactions out of a company's accounting system (Sage, Pegasus, Sun etc), import them int...

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06th May 2000 05:33

Pivot Table
Thanks a lot and the demo is excellent and useful to the accountant in the IT world.

I would like to know can the same function be used to lotus 123 ?

Best Regards

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07th May 2000 09:05

Pivot Tables on Lotus 1-2-3?
Afraid not. Lotus brought out a product called Improv a few years back which was equivalent to a pivot table, I think.

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