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Video is the future but are accountants ready?

25th May 2018
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Video has been hailed as the future of marketing – but as a job traditionally done by introverts, can accountants adapt?

A brief scroll through your LinkedIn feed and you’ll find a whole host of accountants and thought leaders talking to their phone cameras.

One reason for this vlogging saturation is that LinkedIn weights video content over everything else. Accounting coach Heather Townsend said her high performing Linkedin videos could get more than 5000 views in a week.

“I can’t get this sort of reach on any other platform or using just the written word,” she said. 

Video is the future

With this kind of potential exposure, it’s no surprise why accountants have unleashed their inner-Kubrick behind the camera. Firms like Mazuma Accountants have shown their firm’s personality through a hilarious Blue Peter-type video spoof.

“Good videos are very shareable and easily digestible on smartphones and other devices,” said Lucy Cohen, the co-founder of Mazuma. “They’re a perfect way for us to communicate with our audience on their terms and when they want.”

Others like Soaring Falcon Accountancy’s Alex Falcon-Huerta use video to help clients get to grips with new technology. During April’s Accounting Excellence webcast Huerta discussed how her video how-tos have helped clients, as well as limiting her workload.

“If they're stuck on something it's easy for us to record how-to, send it across and its easier than typing up a process on 'this is how you go here',” she said.

Jo Tomlinson, the founder of Business Works, also has this medium on her mind. “Video is the future,” she concluded on her return from last year's QuickBooks Connect in San Jose. “It's about finding the mediums which will get people to listen to the messages you're trying to get out there.”

It takes more than a tripod

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