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Communications consultant Olivia Chute says PowerPoint can be a valuable tool - if you use it with purpose and care. Banish your presentational fears with her introductory guide.

The phrase “death by PowerPoint” evokes a few wry smiles in finance as a by-word for boredom. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Used with purpose and care, it can be a very effective tool for presenting financial and marketing plans or new business proposals.

Don’t just stick five bullet points on a page and read them aloud to your listeners. PowerPoint can help you get your message across by capturing their interest, and feeding their desire to take action - preferably with a commitment to follow up your suggestions or pitch for new work.
Sales and marketing people live by the acronym AIDA - attract, interest, direct, act. So how PowerPoint serve these objectives and increase the effectiveness of yoru presentation?
If your firm is pitching for new business, you should know in advance who you will be talking to, and how long you’ve been allotted to talk. These two elements are the main planks that should shape the content of your slides and will determine how concise you need to be.
Presenting is a skill that can be learnt. And with knowledge comes confidence - the key to any effective presentation. Confidence comes from being genuinely passionate about what you are saying and being well prepared...

As long as you have good material and a passion for your subject, PowerPoint will complement and enhance your presentation and enable you to communicate effectively to your audience. Good luck!

Olivia Chute is operations manager at Chaz Brooks Communications. This article first appeared on our sister site,

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