Tuesday, April 6, 2021 - 09:00 - 10:00

Remote working: A temporary solution or new opportunity for success?

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Remote working: A temporary solution or new opportunity for success?

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About this episode

Three accountancy firm owners take us through their journey in the profession, sharing the ups, downs and interesting insights that have made them successful in their role.

While remote working has been adopted by nearly everyone within the profession since March 2020, some have been at it for a much longer time - either by necessity, opportunity  or accident!

This episode looks behind their stories to take a closer view of not just working away from a traditional office, but working from outside the country your clients are based in.

How far can we take the reality of accountants as digital nomads? To what extent are these business decisions and what are lifestyle choices? And does the covid experience provide clues to how accountants can build a different type of business for themselves?

As well as getting to know their personal journeys we’ll explore:

  • The role of technology in enabling them to work anywhere
  • Managing staff and clients while located in another country
  • Practical challenges and how they are overcome
  • How they have had to adapt personally, and any changes to their role as ‘firm leader’

With the adoption of remote working having been thrust upon us, is there a new model of firm coming on to the horizon?

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