10 Expense management best practices

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This paper discusses 10 of the most effective expense management best practices, which have been collected first-hand from a wide range of organisations.

Whether you are planning to write your first travel and expense (T&E) policy or you are a corporate travel veteran who has
had one in place for many years, it’s always good to look outside your own organisation and see what other world-class
organisations are doing to effectively manage their employees’ spend. This enables you to refine and enhance your own
expense management program and incorporate these best practices.

What you'll learn

  • Require pre-approvals
  • Build an accountable plan
  • Initiate a corporate card program
  • Automate policy enforcement
  • Clearly document the approval process
  • End penny-wise-and-pound-foolish audit practices
  • Help employees make good decisions
  • Centralise the travel expense process
  • No cutting checks
  • Leverage your leverage

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