10 ways to prevent business expense fraud and abuse

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Protect your organisation against wasteful or fraudulent spend with automated expense management and policy enforcement.

Expense fraud can start with adding a personal item to an expense report. It can grow to submitting the same transaction repeatedly, and snowball into falsifying receipts completely. 

So many occasions of expense fraud can be entirely avoided and caught early by implementing a configurable expense management solution. Not only does the system communicate and enforce your expense policies, but it also helps enforce them with built-in security features. This helps eliminate much of the manual work your AP team is doing at the end of the month and quarter so they can focus on more strategic initiatives.

How can you stop expense fraud from happening in the first place? This executive whitepaper outlines 10 safeguards you can implement today.

What you'll learn how to

  • Use a corporate card program so that expense reports and statements can be reconciled
  • Require pre-approvals to increase transparency
  • Use automatic duplicate checking to reduce the risk of human error

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