A single HR and payroll system for accountancy firms

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11th Feb 2021

We examine the common and more recent challenges in both payroll and HR, highlighting key areas you should look to tackle to help you streamline the functions and ultimately save you and your staff wasting unnecessary effort, time and money.

Internal payroll and HR systems are ideal candidates for review in order to achieve the desired cost savings, while also boosting efficiency. The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the need to cut costs and optimise back-office functions for many accountancy firms. But where can organisations make those efficiencies without disrupting or adversely affecting performance?

What you'll learn

  • Three ways payroll is slowing you down
  • Five areas your HR processes are lacking efficiency
  • Are payroll and HR becoming too complex for you?
  • Why should accountancy firms combine HR and payroll?
  • How should you select a provider?
  • IRIS – Payroll and HR solutions for your firm

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