22nd Feb 2022

A sledgehammer to crack a nut? Get your practice ready for MTD ITSA.

Prepare your practice for MTD ITSA and make any extra work profitable.
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MTD ITSA is approaching and, whilst we now have an extra year, it is still worth thinking about how to handle the additional workload and deadlines both profitably and punctually. In this guide Della Hudson explores how to make the extra work both profitable for you and affordable for clients. 

It is hard to service small sole traders profitably but, by providing training and support for DIY bookkeeping, you should be able to look after your smallest clients comfortably through MTD. This guide will provide you with different solutions for different types of client so that you can look after them all efficiently.

This guide will cover

  • Preparing the smallest clients for MTD ITSA
  • Understanding your client base
  • The MTD software problem and the solutions
  • How to roll out your sole trader MTD solution

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